Picks of the Week – June 6, 2012

A new month and a new week for new comic releases.


Action Comics #10 (DC Comics) – A hunter sets his sights on killing an alien, namely Superman.  But what happens to his quest when Clark Kent is killed?  This story is backed up with one featuring Clark’s coworkers remembering stories about their deceased comrade.

Animal Man #10 (DC Comics) – Buddy Baker’s spirit roams the Red.  The mystical Justice League Dark visit Maxine, and Cliff Baker is taken by the rot controlled body of Animal Man.  This story twists and turns continuing the story that has made Animal Man one of the highlights of the New 52.

Swamp Thing #10 (DC Comics) – The story of Abigail is revealed in the aftermath of last month’s battle to free her from the Rot.  But can a weakened Swamp Thing protect her from … Anton Arcane?

Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #11 (Marvel Comics) – It’s Spider-Man and his uncle, the Prowler, against the Scorpion and his gang.  But while Miles finds out how much you can rely on relatives, May Parker has returned to New York with one thing on her mind: meeting the new Spider-Man.

Bleeding Cool Magazine #0 (Avatar Press) – Bleedingcool.com comes to the comic shelves, filling the void left by Wizard.

Avengers vs X-Men: A vs X Round 5 (Marvel Comics) – This is not really a pick for me.  In fact, I find this issue the latest in a series with a tired premise, that of one team of heroes fighting another team of heroes.  Even the big “twist” of the issue is not all that surprising.  Normally I would stick it out with mini-series until the end (there have been exceptions to this in the past).  But, I’ve just grown tired of this tired premise and its needless infiltration of other books that were once cool (Avengers Academy, Wolverine and the X-Men) only to be dragged down into the quagmire of a mundane “event.”  Give me Night of the Owls over this series any day.

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