100 Books in 366 Days – May Recap

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After a bit of trouble, May fell into line with the previous months.  I managed to read 17 books, bringing my grand total to 81 books.


The Assessment

I have to admit this month began a bit rough.  I opted to pick up the Sword and Laser book for May, Dan Simmons Hyperion.  The intent was to read this book and actively participate in the book discussion in the group.  Sadly, I just could not get through the book.  I did not make it far before I officially called it Lemmed.  Hopefully, I will make another stab at reading it in the future.

The same also can be said for George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones.  Even after watching the first season of the HBO series, I ended up getting bogged down in the book, not even making it past page 100.  This is even more distressing for me because it is the second time I have Lemmed this book.  Like Hyperion, I’ll give it another go in the future, but I fear that if I stop reading it a third time, that will be it for the book.

I also picked up a couple of role-playing game books.  The first, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game, gave the basic rules of the new version of this game.  While the writing of the book itself was okay, the rules felt needlessly complex.  Much the same can be said about DC Adventures RPG Heroes & Villians Vol 2, the other RPG book I read.  This one was a source book, and fared a bit better than the Marvel book.  But, it is closely tied to the DC Adventures rules, so if you are not familiar with those rules, you will not really get much of it.  In addition, the characters featured in this book are definitely reflective of the old DC Universe, the one that existed prior to the New 52.

May’s reading was not all bad.  Mr. Monk on the Road was, like other Monk books I’ve read, very enjoyable.  I had been looking forward to reading this book, as it is the first is set after the Monk series finale.  The inclusion of Monk’s agoraphobic brother Ambrose was a nice touch as well.

I also enjoyed reading Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror.  It is by no means a great book, but it is a fast roller coaster read that is perfect for anyone looking for a little summer reading.

The Woman in Black (Movie Tie-in Edition): A Ghost Story was a chilling read, and works a lot better than last year’s movie that is based on it.  I also had fun reading Night of the Living Trekkies, which manages to put a new spin on the zombie concept while making the Star Trek convention setting more than just a different setting for an outbreak.

The May Book List

  1. Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror – Steve Alten
  2. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic Game – Various authors
  3. Hunt Through Napoleon’s Web – Raymond Benson
  4. Monstrous: 20 Tales of Giant Creature Terror – Ryan C. Thomas (editor)
  5. The Woman in Black (Movie Tie-in Edition): A Ghost Story – Susan Hill
  6. Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Impossible Questions and Astounding Answers
  7. Supervillain Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide to Destruction and Mayhem – Matt Wilson
  8. The Supervillain Book – Michael Eury
  9. Mr. Monk on the Road – Lee Goldberg
  10. DC Adventures RPG Heroes & Villians Vol 2 – Darren Bulmer
  11. Doctor Who And The Daleks – David Whitaker
  12. Night of the Living Trekkies – Kevin David Anderson
  13. Crazy Sh*t Presidents Said: The Most Surprising, Shocking, and Stupid Statements Ever Made by U.S. Presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama – Robert Schnakenberg
  14. Doctor Who And The Cybermen – Gerry Davis
  15. Confessions of a Virgin Sacrifice – Adrianne Ambrose
  16. Another Fine Myth / Myth Conceptions (Myth Adventures, #1-2) – Robert Lynn Asprin
  17. Movie Lust: Recommended Viewing for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason – Maitland, McDonagh

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