Picks Of The Week – May 23, 2012

We’re coming up on the Memorial Day weekend, and it’s time to pick up some reading material.


Aquaman #9 (DC Comics) – Aquaman fights to protect the living members of the Others from Black Manta.  Meanwhile, Mera learns what drives Black Manta’s hatred of Aquaman.

Superman #9 (DC Comics) – It seems like a typical day of rescue and crime fighting for Superman.  But what happens when a reporter goes public with the story of a lifetime: the secret identity of Superman?

Batman: The Dark Knight #9 (DC Comics) – Night of the Owls continues in this issue told from the perspective of one of the Talons.

All-Star Western #9 (DC Comics) – Jonah Hex’s adventure in New Orleans concludes in this Night of the Owls tie-in.  Plus, the back up story featuring Nighthawk and Cinnamon concludes.

I, Vampire #9 (DC Comics) – In last month’s I, Vampire/Justice League Dark crossover, Andrew Bennett became the lord of the vampires.  Can he keep the peace with an army of hungry vampires wanting to feed and the Order of the Van Helsings on the attack?

Green Lantern New Guardians #9 (DC Comics) – In the past few months, we have seen attacks on the Yellow Lanterns and the Red Lanterns in other issues.  Now, the Reach, armed with scarab armor like Blue Beetle, assault the homeworld of the Blue Lanterns.  Can the Blue Lanterns prevail, or is all hope lost?

Batman Incorporated #1 (DC Comics) – Batman, Inc. enters the New 52 with writer Grant Morrison at the helm.  What is Leviathan, and what is its connection to Talia Al Ghul?

Astonishing X-Men #50 (Marvel Comics) – this is the issue that everyone is talking about.  Northstar proposes to his boyfriend, Kyle.  But first, he needs to save him from the Marauders and a possessed X-Men team.

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