Dating Scene Minus One – The Lines

The Dating Game

The Dating Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned before, I have withdrawn myself from the dating scene.  While I don’t seem to be having that much difficulty accepting it, there are a lot of people who do seem to take issue with my decision.  And some of the things they say to try to change my mine seem almost comical.

  • “You’re trying too hard” – If this is indeed what is happening with me, then it would seem that my decision to withdraw from the dating scene would make perfect sense.  After all, I would not be trying too hard anymore.
  • “You have to try” – It seems weird that this tends to be uttered by the same people who tell me I’m trying too hard.
  • “There is someone out there for everyone” – This one comes up a lot.  My guess is that people are making this argument based on the sheer number of people on the planet.  According to World Bank, the population of the world in 2010 was 6,840,507,003 people.  If the premise that there is someone out there for everyone is true, then this number should be an even number.  Since this number is odd, that means that someone is the odd man out.
  • “Someone is out there for you” – A variation of the above mentioned someone for everyone argument, though a bit more personal.  This problem with the statement is that there still is no guarantee that I will meet that someone, or that I might have met that someone already, but screwed it up royally.
  • “Never give up” – This tends to be about as helpful as a shoehorn is to flip flops.  There have been times when I think that the people who tell me to never give up secretly want me to keep failing, either to make themselves look better my comparison, or to take some sort of sick pleasure from watching me fail, and fail, and fail, and fail…
  • “When you stop looking, it [love] finds you” – That would assume that someone is actually looking for me.
  • “Never” – A variation of the above never give up, though it does not give any sort of advice, and thus is not helpful.
  • “You just are not going after the right woman” – This could be possible, even if it suggests I don’t know what type of woman I’m attracted to.
  • “Why give up?  You’re no worse off if you don’t” – There is a certain degree of logic to this statement.  After all, if I’m meant to be alone, then what could it hurt if I kept trying to find the right one for me.  The only thing that would happen is that I would not find them.  By that logic, if I know there is no one out there for me, then why should I put myself through the pain of repeated rejections from women who are not right for me.

As it stands, it still feels like the best decision is to simply withdraw from a social scene that I apparently don’t belong in.

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