People You Meet At The Buffet – Interlude

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Casino logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In past posts, we have looked at a number of different types of people who can be seen at the buffet.  At this point, it seems appropriate to actually take a look at one of the buffets.

Seasons in the Sun

The Seasons Buffet is in the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino.  When first opened, the buffet was one of two in the casino (the Sunburst Buffet being the other).  It was also the smaller and less expensive of the two.  Since, the buffet has been renovated on a grand scale, enlarged in both size and food content.  It has also become the sole buffet in the casino.  From what I’ve read about it on Foursquare, it is currently a lot like the Vegas casino buffets.

The buffet itself is set up on a continuous line, starting with soups and ending with desserts.  Along the way, there are carving stations, oyster bars, and sections for Italian foods, barbecue, sushi and traditional American.  Because of the nature of this design, it is almost impossible for people to not turn into salmons, hoppers, and pioneers.  Hoppers especially flourish since often it is easier to hop out of line to move to the section you want.  I myself have been guilty of this, hopping from getting a slice of pizza, over to get a slice of pork loin, then again to grab some barbecue baked beans and barbecue chicken.

The broad range of foods available also makes it a prime site for spotting specialists.  Here, the specialists will function both broad and narrow.  Broadly, the specialist will focus one style of cuisine, hitting the barbecue section over and over.  Narrowly, the specialist will hone in on one specific food, most often the clams and oysters.  At least they tend to be the most obvious as they can be seen returning to their tables with two plates: one heaping with shells, the other empty so they have some place to put the discards.  It is also common to see a subset of the specialist known as the trip specialist.  The trip specialist functions broadly, focusing on one section of the buffet (for example, barbecue).  What sets the trip specialist apart is that the next visit to the buffet will focus on another section, say, traditional American.  the trip specialist will continue to cycle until they have had their fill.

Traditionally, people at this buffet tend to fall into the big eater categories.  This is undoubtedly because this will represent their main meal of the trip to the casino.  That and there is so much to try at the buffet that many people feel the need to actually try as much of it as they can.

Conversationalists are extremely rare at the Seasons Buffet.  My belief is that this stems from the event oriented nature of the buffet.  People come from all around the area to the casino, so going to the buffet is less of a meal than a dining event.  Because of the sheer number of people who the buffet deals with, it is highly unlikely that you would run into another person you know outside of the party you are with.  Even with the buses that come to the casino, the chances of conversationalists are low since not everyone on the bus goes to eat at the same time (or even the same place, since meal vouchers can be used in one of the food courts as well).  Any conversation that happens more often than not happens at the table, usually starting with, ‘What’s that?  Where was that?”

Deciders still occur at the Seasons Buffet.  This can’t be avoided, since the casino food staff often puts their own spin on the food they prepare.  the last time I went, I saw carrots prepared with walnuts and raisins in some sort of butter like glaze, something I have never seen at a Hometown Buffet.  When faced with something they have never seen before, people will take a moment to decide if they want to try it, it cannot be avoided.

Finally, Traffickers are common.  With fresh food being brought out at a decent clip, it is common for someone to grab an extra slice of a fresh (and hot) pizza for another member of their party.  Such behavior is appreciated, and at times even encouraged.

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