Character Creation Fun – Caster

La bildo estas kopiita de wikipedia:es. La ori...

La bildo estas kopiita de wikipedia:es. La originala priskribo estas: Dados típicos de 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 y 20 caras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago, I posted the stats for a character to be created.  Here is my character based on those stats.


The mutant known only as Caster first appeared as a member of a splinter group calling themselves the Brotherhood of Mutants.  Based on their actions, they seem to be well connected criminals than actual mutant terrorists.  This is based from most of their actions, a string of robberies in which the members used their powers to defeat the security systems of various tech firms and banks.

In this group, Caster seems to be the infiltrator, using some sort of energy dampening power to bypass light and heat sensors.  He has also exhibited some geological knowledge, using it to guide one of other team members as to where to use his powers to their best effect.  While he does not show a great deal of knowledge, he is quite intuitive, often times figuring out how various security systems will be laid out in the facilities he breaks into.

In one of the break-ins, the team scored a prototype body armor designed for SWAT forces.  Caster took possession of this armor and often wears it on heists.

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