Dating Scene Minus One – The Benefits

GelGems (I love them) on train.

GelGems (I love them) on train. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regular followers of my blog will know that recently I have declared myself out of the dating scene.  As mentioned before, this is not because I found someone, I’m just taking myself out of the dating scene.  Consider me past my expiration date if you need a concise explanation.

What I have noticed since I have done this is that there are a lot of benefits to being an undateable loser.

  1. No pressure – Whenever you are in a social situation, you never have to wonder if the woman at the end of the bar might like you.  She doesn’t, move on.
  2. Freer Finances – on average, a normal date costs $250.  If you are not a cheapskate, this cost can be much higher.  Being off the dating scene, my finances are much more plentiful.
  3. Cheaper Holidays – Without a significant other, holidays become much cheaper.  Now, I only have to worry about buying gifts for relatives.  The bigger bonus is Valentine’s Day, which, without the possibility of a date, costs nothing.
  4. Saner Holidays – Have you ever tried to pick out the right gift, struggling over whether or not you chose wisely, only to find out that your significant other not only has one, but doesn’t like the one he/she has?  This is a worry that I do not have to worry about.
  5. Nagging – Being unmatchable, I do not have to worry about those cute little tiffs that couples will have.
  6. Do What You Want? – When I go to get a movie, I can go see what I want and not have to worry about whether picking the action movie over the latest romantic comedy is going to get me in trouble with my girlfriend.  Why?  Because, when you will never have a girlfriend, you never find yourself in that situation.

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