Picks of the Week – April 18, 2012

Tax Day may have taxed our wallets, but at least we have a new batch of comics to look forward to afterwards.


Nightwing #8 (DC Comics) – The Night of the Owls crossover gets rolling with this issue.  Nightwing finds himself in action against one of the Court’s assassins.  Intertwined in this story is a flashback to early Gotham City, and the life of a young Gotham born boy who runs away to the circus.

Batman #8 (DC Comics) – This issue officially kicks off the Night of the Owls crossover.  As the Court targets Gotham’s elite, their assassins strike against Bruce Wayne.  However, they get more than they bargained for when they learn that Wayne is also Batman.  The issue wraps with a secondary story which pulls in the players of this crossover.

Wonder Woman #8 (DC Comics) – Diana descends into the Underworld to save Zola.  Is she strong enough to fight her way through every horror that Hades throws at her… and survive?

Justice League #8 (DC Comics) – Green Arrow wants in the Justice League.  But what happens when the League does not want him?  This issue reveals that there are still gaps of the League’s history that have yet to be filled in, one of which explains why the League is so resistant to adding another member.

The Shadow #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) – Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow returns to comics with Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell as writer and artist.  The issue blends the old pulp series with elements of the classic radio series into one thrilling issue.

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