Another Question to the Audience

Remembering passwords

Remembering passwords (Photo credit: hardeep.singh)

I have three posts on here that I have put passwords on.  At the time I wrote each, I felt that they were deeply personal.  But, by the same token, I did not put in a whole lot of thought into what the passwords were.  Anyone who could figure out the passwords (and, again, the passwords were not all that cryptic) could actually see the posts.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about these posts and wondering if it is really helping me to keep these posts semi-private, to the point that I’ve been thinking of removing the password protection and opening them up for anyone to read.

Thus, I once more turn to you, the audience.  Should I remove the passwords and make these posts open for anyone and everyone to read?  Or, should I keep the passwords in place, making the posts available only to those I give the passwords to… or whoever figures out the passwords (again, they are not all that difficult to figure out)?

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Avid comic reader, amateur writer, music fan, and someone with opinions, lots of opinions.

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