Question to the Audience

I’m looking for ideas where to meet new people.  Some of the usual places do not work for me.  Bars don’t work because I work nights and Saturdays.  That and I don’t drink much more than water.

Where are some good places to meet new people to make new friends?

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  1. Maybe starting to play a sport? :) Or, if thats not your thing (don’t worry, its not mine either! XD) maybe consider volunteering at a place that coincides with an interest of yours? :) I have a passion for animals, and the usual sort of places where you meet people were not working for me either, so I started volunteering at a zoo. I have made a bunch of wonderful friends there, and by volunteering at a place that coincides with a passion of yours, you are meeting people that have the same interests and usually similar personalities :) Hope that helps! :)

    • I never even considered volunteering at a zoo, though that could be because the nearest one to me is an hour away. But something with animals might be the thing for me to look into. Thanks

      (sorry for the bad writing earlier, I originally posted this through an iTouch.)

      • Haha that’s ok, my touch phone likes to wreak havoc on my writing too! :P yeah that’s the same with me, the only zoo in the city I live in is an hour away, but trust me, the beautiful surroundings and lovely people definately make it worth the travel! :) glad I could be of some assistance! :)

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