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I’m looking for a new messaging program since Yahoo Messenger has failed me.

I have to be honest, there really was not all that much wrong with Yahoo Messenger.  It allowed me to text message other Yahoo users decently.  But, I have had one major problem with the program.  For the past couple of months, I have been trying to delete one particular contact.  I say trying because every time I delete the contact, they return.  I have made sure they are not on any other contact list connected to Yahoo.  I even tried blocking said contact.  And yet, almost daily, that contact is back, waiting for me to delete them once more.

It is getting to the point that I think I just need to delete Yahoo Messenger.

In deleting Yahoo Messenger, it leaves a bit of a messenger gap for me.  I have used a few others (MSN, AIM, ICQ) but none of them have really stuck as something I should keep with.  MSN and AIM did not stick because they were both associated with email accounts, which could add contacts to by address book that I may not want, at least not yet.

The one caveat is that whatever I try out needs to work on an iPod Touch.  When I am in Wi-Fi range, this is my preferred device to interact.  I find using messengers on that device keeps my computers clear of potential clutter.

I would prefer something that is relatively easy to use.  One of the reasons why ICQ fell by the wayside was that the use of the numbers sometimes got a bit problematic, especially when my memory fails me and I don’t remember who is connected with what number.  That and on an iPod, ICQ was really difficult to search for new users.

So, I am open to suggestions on a messaging app that is relatively easy to use.  Does anyone know of something good?

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