Picks Of The Week – April 4, 2012

With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to look at the picks for this week.


Action Comics #8 (DC Comics) – The first story arc comes to a close as Superman faces off against Brainiac while the clock ticks away for the shrunken Metropolis.  Can Superman, in his new Kryptonian costume, defeat this New 52 version of his classic enemy before it is too late to rescue Metropolis?

Swamp Thing #8 (DC Comics) – It’s the newly empowered Swamp Thing against The Rot.  Can he defeat the forces of The Rot and save Abby… or is it already too late?

Animal Man #8 (DC Comics) – Buddy Baker goes into action against the possessed wildlife trying to get Maxine.  Plus, Maxine demonstrates a shocking new power.

Night Force #2 of 7 (DC Comics) – DC’s latest New 52 mini-series continues on its dark path as we explore the pasts of the individuals Baron Winter has assembled.

Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #9 (Marvel Comics) – It’s the Prowler versus the Scorpion, and he’s in way over his head.  Also, in the aftermath of his battle with the Ringer, the new Spider-Man meets the New York Police Department.

Supurbia #2 (Boom! Studios) – Is it really possible for super heroes to live normal lives?  Or, are super heroes just as normal as the rest of us?

The Boys #65 (Dynamite Entertainment) – It’s Billy Butcher against a Homelander who’s gone completely over the edge.  But what does Black Noir have to do with this, and what is his connection to Homelander.  This wraps up the latest story arc as The Boys gets ready to wrap up its run.

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