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Football (soccer) fans watching an England match in a cinema, UK. Screen is displaying an HD-1 picture. Deutsch: Fußballfans sehen ein Englandspiel im Kino, Vereinigtes Königreich. Bild auf Leinwand von HDTV-Übertragung durch HD-1. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dad wants to see The Hunger Games with me.  This does not have me happy.

Personally, I have no problem with my dad wanting to see The Hunger Games.  I want to see The Hunger Games.  However, I really don’t want to see it with my dad.

It really is not anything against my dad, it’s just that going to the movies is something special for me.  This stems from the fact that with rising ticket prices, along with a general lack of free time, I don’t really get to the movies all that much.  And when I do go, I really want to enjoy the movie on my own terms, even if it means having to deal with some of the pains you get when you do go to the theater.

As it stands, most of the movies I see can be divided into four categories.  The 1% of these movies would be the premiere event movies.  These are the movies that I absolutely have to see opening night, or at midnight.  I say that these are the 1% of my movies because I do not go all that often anymore.  Time constraints really take their toll on these movies.  I often do not get out of work until midnight, which means that I would have to either leave early (not happening) or take the day off (see my earlier post, Why I Don’t Take Vacation explains why this is not happening).  In addition, my batting average with midnight movies has been mediocre.  Of the four recent movies I can recall at this moment, two lived up to expectations (Batman Begins and X-Men 2) while two… didn’t (Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and Matrix Reloaded).

The second group of movies is pretty much all the movies that I see in theaters.  These movies are usually seen within the first week of release, and often at matinees.  If I see a movie in a theater, this is how I see it.  I really don’t need IMAX, and 3D is still faddish to me.  I don’t even need a full theater to enjoy the movie.  Often, I would prefer the theater to not be full, but more on that later.

The last two groups are the movies that I wait until after they left theaters to see.  This is usually either on DVD or television.  Lately, most of the movies I’ve watched have been on DVDs.  It is because the majority of movies I see are on DVD that the theater experience is so special for me.

Going to the theater is my way of getting away from everything, even if it is just for a few hours.  For that time, I do not have to worry about anything.  My phone is usually off, so no one can reach me.  My time in the theater is my time to enjoy something that brings me joy.  And yes, that even goes for the bad movies, too… most times.  I mean, let’s face it, if the movie is really bad, there really is not all that much you can do to enjoy it unless you have a vocal crowd in the theater with you.

Speaking of the crowd, usually, if I don’t enjoy myself when I go to the movies, it’s rarely the movie’s fault, but the crowd’s fault, and even then, it’s only some of the crowd.  Talkers, seat kickers (which I don’t really run into), and those people who so need to stay in touch with everyone that they cannot bear to turn off their cell phones often detract from the theater experience.  thankfully, when I tend to go, there are enough seats to space everyone out so they are not all that much of a problem.

So, hopefully this week I will be able to hit the theaters and see The Hunger Games, hopefully alone, and hopefully without a ton of distractions.  I don’t even need snacks, all I need is the movie.

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  1. Pay close mind to what happens around the screening of the movie. Watching anonymous groups interact like this can sometimes act as a source of inspiration.

    Great story! Personally, I can’t stand going to the movies alone. I’ve been blessed with the company of friends who appreciate cinema and never act like complete hardasses.

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