Picks of the Week – March 14, 2012

A big week for Pi Day, so there’s no need to waste time.  Let’s jump right in.


Batgirl #7 (DC Comics) – Black Canary guest stars as Batgirl deals with her insecurities as she goes after a criminal called Grotesque, and one member of his gang has a connection to Barbara Gordon’s past.  So far, this series has been one of the stand outs of the New 52.

Batman and Robin #7 (DC Comics) – Damien’s in danger, and there is nothing that will stop the Batman from rescuing him.  This is a startling issue, from the shear emotional force from Batman, to the shocking ending.

Green Lantern #7 (DC Comics) – Sinestro needs Hal Jordan for another mission, but Hal wants nothing more to do with him.  A lot of doings in this issue, from more of the Guardians’ plan revealed, to the secret of the Indigo Tribe.

Grifter #7 (DC Comics) – It’s Grifter vs. The Midnighter as Cole Cash investigates what escaped from Stormwatch.  Events in this issue leads Grifter to the biggest grift of his career, plus, the first New 52 appearance of a classic Wildstorm villain.

Resurrection Man #7 (DC Comics) – On the run after escaping from Arkham last issue, Mitch Shelley finds himself forced to play super hero when he coincidentally finds himself hiding in the same building as another villain, one who’s powers he recognizes.

Suicide Squad #7 (DC Comics) – The Hunt for Harley Quinn wraps up literally with a bang as we learn the origin of the New 52’s Harlequin villainess.

Wolverine and the X-Men #7 (Marvel Comics) – While Wolverine and Quentin Quire attempt to flee Planet Sin with their winnings, Broo is confronted by what his species is, even as the X-Men try to quell the Brood infection in Kitty Pryde.

Punisher #9 (Marvel Comics) – Has the Punisher found a new ally in his war on crime?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #7 (Dark Horse Comics) – Buffy’s live is turned topsy turvy after last issue’s revelation and decision.  So what is a girl in her position to do?  Kill some vampires, of course.  Could the end of this issue he as shocking as the last one?

Doctor Atlantis #1 (Rare Earth Comics) – High seas adventure comes to comics in this locally created comic.  A decent story which has me curious about future adventures of the titular hero.

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