People You Meet At The Buffet – Part 11

English: Mandarin Restaurant Buffet

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To this point, we have dealt with individuals and couples at the buffet.  You’ve been patient, and managed to wait out them out.  Now you’re in the clear.

Um, not so fast.

The Congregation

The congregation is something special among all the people in the buffet, mostly because they are not an individual, or a small group.  The congregation is a large group.  And when I say large, I don’t mean a table of six.  The congregation is a group of ten or more.  These are the groups that occupy the separate rooms.

Individuals within the congregation do not necessarily act any different from the other types of people you will meet at any given buffet.  Members of the congregation can easily be specialists, conversationalists, even lovebirds.  All of these various can and will be seem at the buffet.  But what sets the congregation apart, besides the sheer number of people in the group, is the practice of the congregation to go up to the buffet in waves.  The congregation will not go up all at once, at least, not after their initial serving.  But, members of the congregation will go up in groups of three, four or five, often taxing the food supply at the buffet.

Now, the name “congregation” may suggest a church or a church group.  While such groups can be called congregations at the buffet, the title goes well beyond any religious connotation.  The key, as mentioned above, is that it is a large group of people gathered together.

Examples of congregations include:

  • Family gatherings, including birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions
  • Buses, which often use buffets at a means of satisfying several different types of tastes within the patrons of the bus
  • Sports teams, usually little leagues, pee wee football, high school teams, and the occasional college team
  • Seminars, usually picked because it is easy for the person holding the seminar to pull in a lot of people since they will be drawn to the food

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