Picks of the Week – February 1, 2012

It’s Groundhog’s Day eve, and here’s a few suggestions for your Groundhog’s Day gift giving.


Swamp Thing #6 (DC Comics) – Things go from bad to worse as Alec Holland begins to feel the attack on the Parliament of Trees.  Will he accept his destiny, or will it be too late?

Red Lanterns #6 (DC Comics) – Meet Jack Moore, the newest recruit of the Red Lantern Corps.  This issue explored what can bring a man to possess the great rage that makes him a prime candidate for the Red Lanterns.  Also, all is not well on the Red Lantern home world.  Could it be possible that Atrocitus is losing his grip on his corps?

Batman Detective Comics #6 (DC Comics) – It’s the grand opening of the Penguin’s new casino.  But, the Batman is not the only party crasher.  This issue continues the darker path that the new 52 has put Detective on.

Fatale #2 (Image Comics) – Ed Brubaker continues to explore a nightmarish hard boiled world as we learn more about the mysterious Josephine.

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