People You Meet At The Buffet – Part 7

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Up until now, it seemed like the only people you really had to look out for at the buffet were those who simply worked to delay your self attained food experience.

Those are not the only people you will run into.

The Server

The Server is similar to the tag team decider.  The main difference is that unlike the decider, the server knows what they want.  They also know what their partner (“the servee”) want s as well.  Any delays experienced near the server is due to the simple fact that the server is at the buffet for two.  The servee is sometimes in tow, sometimes the server is forced to double-plate it.

The most common variant of the server is the parent, who is often forced to serve themselves as well as their offspring.

The Common Server

The common server differs from the server in that the common server is usually alone.  The common server is not getting food for someone else, they are just getting food for themselves.

What makes the common server irritating is one simple thing: They use one serving utensil to serve everything they want.  For the common server, the simple fact that each tray of food has its own utensil means nothing.  The first utensil they pick up is good enough to pick out whatever they want.

“Hmm, I think I’ll start with a roll,” they think, picking up the tongs and picking out a roll.

“Some mashed potatoes would be good too,” they think as they reach into the pan with the roll tongs.

Admittedly, it does get a bit entertaining watching them gather their culinary desires with utensils that were really not meant for that food item.  At least, it is entertaining until you realize that you have to pick up your roll with the tongs that were just used to serve mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, lettuce and thousand island dressing.

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