People You Meet At The Buffet – Part 4

We continue to explore the types of people that you will see at the buffet.  I even did some field research today.

English: Mandarin Restaurant Buffet

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The Cutter

Like the previously discussed salmon, the cutter is a flow disrupter.  As you can invariably guess by the name, the cutter wedges themselves into the flow of people around the buffet.  Cutters refuse to adhere to the line, often forming a secondary one person line.  When the cutter sees what he or she wants, they wedge themselves into the line to get it, then break off to their own outer orbit once they have gotten the food item they want.  In extreme cases, there may actually be pushing and shoving involve.

The thing to remember about cutters is that they often do not realize that they are the ones in the wrong.  They often do not have any realization that what they have done is rude, and often will show distain for the people who were in line.  To them, the people in the line are wrong for not letting them in to get their food.

Often times, cutters will also be specialists, especially if the item they choose to specialize in is a higher end food item (crab legs, oysters, etc.)

The Hopper

Probably the least offensive of all the flow disrupters, and probably the one that everyone had been at one time or another.  Hoppers generally tend to stay in the main lines at the buffets (as opposed to cutters who make their own way).  What sets the hopper apart from other people is that they will hop ahead of the line.  This usually happens when the line is slow moving, or large gaps form in the line.  The hopper sees the opening and breaks out of the old line to bypass the obstruction.  Most times, this is not all that big of a deal, and can keep the line flowing better.  But, every once in a while, the obstruction moves just as the hopper makes the break, thus forcing the hopper to become a cutter.  In this case, the hopper tends to be apologetic about it.

One restaurant chain actually featured this type of person in their commercial, though they referred to the habit as “line jumping.”

The Pioneer

Pioneers are like anybody else at the buffet, except for one simple trait.  Pioneers focus on being first.  Usually, this is commonly first to new food items or newly refreshed food items.  Pioneers are easily recognizable at their tables by their habit of watching the buffet.  When the new food item in question comes out, the pioneer will forge ahead immediately, springing to action to make sure they are the first to the new item.  In the “food island” buffet style, this often means they are the first person to create the line as they venture towards their goal, otherwise, pioneers may become hoppers, or worse, cutters, to get that food item they desperately want.

Like cutters, pioneers have a tendency to be specialists.

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  1. I have been following your buffet series and they are hilarious, well written and so true! I especially agree with your observations of specialist. The last time I went to a real buffet (a while ago), we sat next to my friend’s auntie and her plate was piled high with crab legs, fried shrimp, fried oysters. In fact, I think she had two plates (one for food and one for shells) and she’s a really petite woman so I don’t know how she ate all of that by herself but she did.

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