People You Meet At The Buffet – Part 2

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Previously, I introduced the four general categories of people you will see at any buffet.  Now that the generals are covered, we need to go into the specifics.

The Specialist

The specialist is pretty easy to recognize whether they are sitting at their table or at the buffet getting their foods.  The specialist focuses most of their attention on one particular food item.  Sure, they do select other foods.  But, there will generally be one food item on their plate that is featured prominently, and often piled highly.

The specialist is particularly prominent at buffets that feature something that is usually quite expensive.  If the buffet features crab legs, the specialist will be the person who will have the plate heaping.  Some specialists will even wait for their particular food of choice to be refilled, which often leads to the tray to be refilled once the specialist is done.

Children are also notorious specialists.  In their case, the child specialist does not focus on the expensive food, or the unusual food, but just one type of food.  Anyone who has seen a child at the buffet with a plate full of macaroni & cheese has seen the child specialist.

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  1. maryfollowsthelamb

    If it’s more than one item, do I still qualify as a specialist? We used to go for brunch at a Country Kitchen that had the best well-done bacon I’ve ever had at a restaurant. I’d grab the bacon, mini bagels and cream cheese to bliss myself out on cholesterol. Ah…

  2. maryfollowsthelamb

    Nope, it wasn’t more than half. Okay, at any one trip anyway. (smiles)

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