Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts from the week.

DC Gets a New Logo

DC Comics unveiled their new logo this past week, much to the chagrin of many comic fans.  The announcement posting on their Facebook page had already garnered over 900 responses, many of which were negative.  I included a link to the announcement on their blog in the title of this section.

Looking at this new logo, I have to say that I don’t like it.  Granted, I did not like the DC Swirl (the logo that this new set replaces) at first, but it grew on me, especially so once I saw the animated version of it on their projects.

This logo, I fear, will not grow on me.  It lacks the dynamics that the swirl had.  And it lacks the iconography of the classic DC bullet.  The folding “D” is not clear.  The logo itself is sterile, like something you would see for a law office or an architecture firm.  Supposedly, this new logo will peel away for interactive content.  But, since the main product of DC Comics is, well, printed comics, I don’t see this being a selling point on a cover.  As I mentioned in my entry on their Facebook page, the difference between the old DC Swirl and the New DC Peel is the difference between “Hey! Exciting things are happening… NOW!” and “um, ahem, excuse me, um, please read me, sorry for intruding.”

Will this stop me from reading DC Comics?  Admittedly, no.  I have tried the logo boycott before and, lets face it, it really does not work (Syfy is still called Syfy).  But I just don’t see this logo standing out on the comic shelves like the either previous logos had, or any of their competition.


The battle against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) kicked into high gear with the Wednesday “black out” protest my a number of web sites across the internet.  Even before that, both bills were starting to lose support, even amongst the various co-sponsors of the bills.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am completely against the piracy of intellectual property, especially since I like to think myself as a creator of intellectual property.  But, they way that these bills were written (especially SOPA, which has been getting the majority of the attention here), they would have been extremely dangerous to the internet as we know it.  The bills intention is to shut down sites that were providing pirated copyrighted material. The bill, however, would act against these sites without due process.  Basicly, this bill would have been in violation of the Fifth Amendement of the Constitution, which protects against such government abuses.  The way that the bill stands now, there is nothing that would protect anyone online from being targeted by it.  The best example of how this can happen is an article by Soren Bowie written for Cracked.com.

The battle is, sadly, not over yet.  In looking up things to write about for this post, I stumbled across a news story on the Huffington Post.  The short version of the article is that head of the MPAA (and former senator from Connecticut) Chris Dodd has threatened to cut campaign contributions for Obama’s reelection, presumably for the growing lack of support from Washington and the White House for SOPA/PIPA.

Mean People Suck

There isn’t a link to any one story for this one.  This one just comes from personal experience.  Over the past week, I have had to deal with a number of people who, let’s face it, just pissed me off.  It was not just people being mean (though a couple of these did help contribute to that), it was just watching people who really just don’t seem to have a clue about anything beyond their own person.  It isn’t just the guy who acted like a prick to a family member, but the jackass who sat through a green light because he was too busy checking his text messages only to go through the red light, or the people cursing me out because they were forced to stop at the stop sign they had no intention of stopping at because I had stopped and it was my turn.

100 Books in 366 Days

I’m still making progress on my plan, in spite of picking up a number of graphic novels (I still do not count them).  This week alone, I managed to finish Click! Cat Training System (will be very helpful with my cats), Doctor No (okay, but not the 007 movies), and The Court of the Air (too much all at once).  I still have a number of books currently started (I can’t read just one book at a time), so I should be able to keep up with my planned reading number (even when adjusted for graphic novels).


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