Picks of the Week – January 18, 2012

Third week of the new year and a few stand out titles this week.


Wonder Woman #5 (DC Comics) – Diana meets more of her new family as Poseidon.  And who is Lennox, and what is his connection to Wonder Woman?

Catwoman #5 (DC Comics) – Last issue found Catwoman dropped from high above Gotham City.  Since last issue was not the last issue, it is pretty obvious that she survives.  This issue: Catwoman versus the Gotham City Police.

Green Lantern Corps #5 (DC Comics) – With John Stewart in the hands of the Keepers, Guy Gardner is going to need a plan and some muscle to defeat them.  Enter… Mean Machine.

Star Trek #5 (IDW) – IDW continues to explore the stories of the classic Star Trek episodes as experienced by the new version of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise.  This issue, the Enterprise investigates cases of mass insanity on the planet Deneva.  But, just how much does this story deviate from the classic Trek episode Operation: Annihilate?

Steed and Mrs. Peel #1 (Boom! Studios) – The classic British spy series The Avengers returns to comics under the direction of Grant Morrison and Ian Gibson.

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