Picks of the Week – January 11, 2012

It’s the second week of the new year and a massive week of good stuff to check out.  Let’s not waste any time and get right into it.


Resurrection Man #5 (DC Comics) – Deathstroke guest stars as we go back three years to visit Mitch Shelley’s origin.  But what exactly has happened with Mitch Shelley in the present?

Suicide Squad #5 (DC Comics) – Belle Reve has erupted in a riot, and it is up to the Suicide Squad to quell the rampage.  Can the squad prevail against a virtual army of super villains?

Green Lantern #5 (DC Comics) – The first story arc concludes.  Can Sinestro free his homeworld from the grip of the Yellow Lanterns?  Will Hal become a Green Lantern again?  And what exactly is going on with the Guardians?

Batwoman #5 (DC Comics) – Batwoman continues to be one of the best of the New 52.  In this issue, Batwoman faces demons from her past as she fights against a ghost.  And, after DEO learns who Batwoman is, the organization decides to pay her a visit with an ulterior motive.

Batman and Robin #5 (DC Comics) – Robin has flown the coop.  Can Batman pull his son away from Ducard’s influence?

Batgirl #5 (DC Comics) – Batgirl’s next story arc begins here.  Batgirl faces off against a new villain, but what is the significance of 338?

The Shade #4 (DC Comics) – In a Times Past story, we see The Shade in 1944.  Guest starring The Vigilante and Madam Fatal.

The Ray #2 (DC Comics) – DC’s newest version of this classic hero begins to come into his own as he faces… flying monster stingrays???

X-Factor #230 (Marvel Comics) – Wolverine guest stars as the X-Factor team deals with the revelations of the past few issues.  As always, Peter David manages to inject the right amount of humor, even with the dream dealing with the death of Madrox.

Wolverine and the X-Men #4 (Marvel Comics) – Two new students join the school.  Will Wolverine and the faculty of the Jean Grey School be able to help one learn who he was, and stop the other from becoming what he could be?

PunisherMax #21 (Marvel Comics) – PunisherMax winds down its run as it is the Punisher versus the Kingpin in a no holds barred battle at Frank Castle’s old home.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9, #5 (Dark Horse Comics) – Why is Buffy having dreams of the first Slayer?  And what does the slayer’s scythe have to do with her visions?  All this and one startling ending to the issue.

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