Picks of the Week – January 4, 2012

New month, new year, and a new batch of comics to check out.


Animal Man #5 (DC Comics) – The Rot goes after Buddy Baker’s family, and things don’t go as planned for Animal Man, Maxine, and the rest of the family.

Swamp Thing #5 (DC Comics) – It’s Alec Holland and Abigail against her brother and the Rot.  But when the Rot finds the Parliament of Trees, is if already too late?

Action Comics #5 (DC Comics) – The origin of the New 52’s Man of Steel is revealed from two sides.  The main story focuses on the destruction of Krypton, while the back up story shows us the lives of Jonathan and Martha Kent before their fateful encounter with baby Kal-El’s rocket.

Red Lanterns #5 (DC Comics) – What happened to Krona’s body?  Atrocitus tries to find out as we learn the origins of more of the Red Lanterns.  Plus, meet Earth’s first Red Lantern.

Fatale #1 (Image Comics) – At his godfather’s funeral, Nicolas Lash meets Jo, a woman who will change his life forever.  Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips takes the crime comic to an even darker level as this mystery begind to unfold on multiple levels.

The Punisher #7 (Marvel Comics – Detectives Oscar Clemons and Walter Bolt take center stage as the two are called to help with a case in upstate New York.  This issue, with the Punisher mostly absent, effectively explores the motivations of why Clemons is so dead set on bringing in the Punisher, and the revelation that he knows Bolt’s secret.

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