On Password Protection

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It does seem odd that WordPress.com would offer the ability to password protect a blog entry, or even to make it private.  I mean, the whole purpose of posting a blog entry is to make what you are thinking public, right?

Thinking about it more, though, it does make sense.  There are just some things that you really do not want getting out in the open, or, at least not open to everyone.  Private will at least limit what who you want to see the post.  This way, you could use the blog for a private diary of sorts.  Though, again, how private can it be if you are posting it online where anyone with any degree of hacking ability could find out what’s inside.

Personally, I feel that anything posted on a blog should be open for anyone to see, with exceptions.  Adult content should not be accessible to anyone who is not of age.  Also, blog entries between administrators should remain private.  This is, of course, only for blogs that have multiple posters.

Which leads me to password protection.  Password protection is a good way of limiting who has access to a post, but allowing the post to be more widely accessed.  It has the advantage in that all you need to do is give someone the password to allow access, rather than have to create a new security clearance for anyone who want to let read that blog entry.

In my case, I prefer password protection, though I have only used it twice.  In both cases, the entries are a bit personal, maybe a little too personal for the posts to be allowed out in the open.  That is not to say that I do not want people to read these posts.  Far from it.  It’s more that I just want a bit more control over these posts, at least for the time being.  Granted, it does not take much to figure out the passwords I used for those entries (two entries, two different passwords).  I have to admit that I find it a bit entertaining to make someone reading my blog  figure out what the password is, kind of like a game where the prize is an insight into my mind.

So, the passwords for these two entries are available to anyone who really wants them.  But, if you are up for the challenge of figuring them out yourself, the answers are in my blog… somewhere.  I do admit that I changed the password for the first protected entry because I wanted to make it a little easier to find the password, but it is out there.

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