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Once again, I decided that I really need to stop feeling sorry for myself and try to get into the dating scene.  So I tried another online dating service.  Only this time, I did something different: I paid for it.

This time around, I decided to try a site called Speeddate.com.  Speeddate.com offers both an online base site as well as app sites.  I started with the app, and branched into the web-based site, eventually deciding to take the plunge and paying for the site to see if I would have any luck.

The web-based site structures itself around the concept of a speed date.  That is, you meet various people with whom you have a set amount of time to converse with them.  At the end of that time, you are asked to make a choice between continuing the conversation, stopping for now, or just stopping altogether.  Naturally, you have the ability to search profiles to find people you are interested in, email them, and send speed date invitations as well.  Once you log onto the site, you will usually get hit with a few speed dates while you are there, showing up on the bottom of the screen like instant messages for you to either respond to, ignore, or close out as you see fit.  They even offer the often of an ice breaker, random preset questions to start conversations.

The app interface is a bit different.  The app does not seem to have the time limit that the web speed dates have, and you have the ability to earn coins by buying them or by completing tasks to earn them.  You still have the ability to search profiles, see who looked at your profile, see who favorited you and the such, but it is limited.

One drawback to Speeddate.com is that you really do have to pay to use the site effectively.  A lot of the features are locked out for free profiles.  You need to be a paying member to start conversations, read mail on the site, even just to see who may have checked out your profile.  If you don’t mind paying around $40 a month to do so, then this is not a big problem.

The biggest problem I had was with the people I was encountering.  The speed dates I was getting on the web site were often outside of the age range I was looking in, sometimes drastically outside that age range.  This was even after I had set the age range on the site.  There is also the possibility of getting overwhelmed with messages, sometimes getting three, four or more speed dates at any given time.  It is slightly better on the app, but there you run into repeats.  For five days, I kept getting a speed date message from the same person, one who I had not been interested in.

Even more so, a lot of the people who seemed to be interested in me really were not.  Nearly all of these people I had met, especially on the app side, were really web cam models.  All of these web cam models were really just interested in getting me to sign up for a number of unaffiliated porn web sites.  It got to the point that I began to expect to see the messages since most of them pretty much used the same script.  It was a bit disheartening when I began to see those patterns.

I really only lasted on Speeddate.com for about a month, cancelling my account, at least the paid portion of it.  I even stopped using the app, chalking this one up as yet another online dating misadventure.  My time spent trying speed dating on that site was more like speed failing.

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