Search Referrals, Or So That’s How They Got Here

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One of the cool things about using is that it keeps tracks of a lot of statistics for you.  If you want to know how many hits you got, it will tell you by day, week, or month.

In addition to keeping track of how many hits you got, it will keep track of which sites have referred viewers to your site.  Looking over the all-time, I realize my decision to quit Twitter did not make a lick of difference in regards to referrals (only 1, as opposed to Facebook at 29).

What is more fun is to see what search terms have led people to the site.  Again, it can cover the week, the month, the quarter, the year or all-time.  Looking over my list, there are a few odd searches on it.

Not surprisingly, there are a number of comic book related searches leading to my site.  “DC Relaunch” and “Best Comic Events” lead the all-time list with 4 each, with a number of other comic book searches clocking in at 2 and 1 each.

The real surprise is that three searches have led to a combined total of 7 referrals.  Those three are “elisha cuthbert nude” “elisha cuthbert naked” and “kim bauer nude.”  Granted, I did mention Elisha Cuthbert in my Roller Coaster post, but only in regards to the fact that she could talk me into riding a roller coaster (still can, too).

There have also been a number of searches dealing with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social network sites.  Most of these deal with specific issues (“no friends on google+” or “why i quit twitter”), some which I covered in my posts.

While I try to not be addicted to checking my WordPress stats (well, try and fail), I do find it fun to read what searches are leading people to my site.

If you have a WordPress blog, what is the strangest search that led to your site?

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