Picks of the Week – October 5, 2011

DC Comics New 52 moves into month 2 as they begin to expand on their line up.


The Keepers

Action Comics #2 – Superman has been captured and is in the hands of Dr. Lex Luthor.  Superman undergoes pretty brutal torture at Luthor’s hands as Luthor tries to learn about this strange visitor from another planet.  This is still a far less powerful Superman than he will eventually become, but he still manages to reveal some hidden powers (and the potential for some he has never shown before), and a surprisingly quick mind as well.  And, we get a glimpse as to who may actually be responsible for Luthor’s action.

Detective Comics #2 – Batman faces off against the villain who skinned the Joker at the end of Detective Comics #1.  This is becoming the darkest of the Batman titles as the principle villain of this story arc is quite insane.

Batwing #2 – As Batwing recovers from nearly dying, his attacker, Massacre, targets another former super-hero.  The action builds as Massacre faces off against the electricity controlling Thunder Fall as the next issue promises a showdown between Massacre and Batwing.

Animal Man #2 – Just when you thought you could not get any weirder than the last page of issue 1, Animal Man gets that much weirder.  Buddy Baker seeks an answer to the mystery of what is happening to his powers, and it seems that only his daughter Maxine may hold the key.

Swamp Thing #2 – Dr. Alec Holland is confronted by Swamp Thing about his part in the defense of the planet that Holland wants no part of.  Scott Snyder writes a tale that comes quite close to holding its own against the classic Alan Moore Swamp Thing stories.

Stormwatch #2 – Stormwatch begins to find its niche in the new 52 as it brings in the grand scale action that The Authority was known for to the DC Universe.  The recruitment of Apollo and Midnighter continues as the Moon declares war on the Earth.

Red Lanterns #2 – As Atrocitus considers the role of the Red Lanterns in the universe, he thinks back to another time and another planet.  This issue shines new light on the motivations of the Red Lanterns and their possibly purpose in the DC Universe.

Men of War #2 – While Sargeant Rock is the headliner of this book, it is the back-up story about the Navy SEALs that is the stand-out of this issue.

Penguin Pain and Prejudice #1 of 5 – The past of Oswald Cobblepot is explored in this first issue of five.  Gregg Hurwitz and Szymon Kudranski succeed in building sympathy for this Batman villain while still reminding the reader that this is a Batman villain.

Wait and See

Huntress #1 of 6 – The Huntress goes global as she takes her fight against crime to Italy.  As near as I can tell, this is the same Huntress that appeared in Birds of Prey and various Batman titles before the New 52.  The story, dealing with gun runners and human trafficking, is a bit mundane, but there is enough action to keep you interested.

Justice League International #2 – After the bombing of the Hall of Justice in issue 1, and the teams encounter with a giant robot in Peru, the United nations begins to question Booster Gold’s ability to lead.  But what happens when the team is forced to face not one, but four robots with a mysterious agenda?

OMAC #2 – OMAC learns more about what exactly he is as he begins to explore the mystery of Cadmus and who is actually in running it.  The book’s artwork is still very much in the same style as Jack Kirby, but the writing has improved a bit from the first issue, including a few tension-breaking one-liners here and there.

Static Shock #2 – Following the attack at the end of issue 1, Static discovers something quite shocking (sorry, could not resist) about himself.  The issue suffers from chaotic writing that makes the action of the story a bit harder to follow.

Green Arrow #2 – After facing off against glamor girl villains Lime and Light, this younger, Smallville inspired Green Arrow begins to learn more about the villains gunning for him.  The issue reads like a bridge issue, trying together the first issue with the action that is promised in the third.  The problem is that the story is just not as engaging as older GA stories (Longbow Hunters, etc.).

Corner Books

Corner books are books that just don’t work for me, so-called because after trying to read them, I just want to toss them into a corner and forget them.

Hawk & Dove #2 – I have to admit that my lack of appreciation for Rob Liefeld’s artwork is a strike against this book.  But, I can usually overlook questionable artwork is the story is good enough.  Sadly, Sterling Gates’ writing just fails to pull me into the action.  Is does not help that Osprey, Condor and Hawk look so similar that I actually start to get lost as to which character is which, or why I care.

Avengers 1959 #1 of 5 (Marvel Comics) – This Marvel retro-book just did not work for me as Howard Chaykin tells the story of an Avengers team assembled in 1959.  Most, if not all, of the members are recognizable from other comics, but something about the story just does not gel for me, leaving me wishing for more, but not wanting to read any more.

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