Picks of the Week – September 21, 2011

DC’s new 52 continues to roll out, but there are a number of other titles out this week that should be considered as well.

The Keepers

 Wonder Woman #1 – Wonder Woman takes a considerably darker turn under the reins of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang.  The mythology that was pushed out in the waning issues of the previous Wonder Woman series is back with a vengeance as Diana find herself defending a woman who has been targeted for death.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 – Jason Todd and Roy Harper team up with Starfire to form a team that does not follow the usual super hero rules.  Both Roy and Starfire seem to show a lot of changes from Flashpoint as Roy’s arm is back and Starfire does not seem to remember any of the Teen Titans that she and Roy battled with.  There is enough action to draw you in, but the shoot first, ask questions later could possibly grow a bit old as the series continues.

Nightwing #1 – Dick Grayson returns to his own identity and the circus as he re-establishes himself back in Gotham.  Grayson establishes himself as his own person, with the running dialogue giving an insight into the mine of Nightwing.

Green Lantern Corps #1 – In Green Lantern, we saw that everything was not coming up roses for former GL Hal Jordan.  In this issue, we see it isn’t all that great for Earth’s other Green Lanterns, Guy Gardner and John Stewart.  Thrown into the mix is the mystery of who killed four other Green Lanterns for the perfect mix for a Gl team title.

DC Universe Presents: Deadman #1 – We see a new take on Deadman as he is given a guide in the form of Rama and a mission, redemption.

Batman #1 – Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo bring us a new look Batman who, along with Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Damien, look to revitalize Gotham city, though now on two fronts.  This Batman, unlike the one we see in Justice League, is willing to work along with the police as he works to solve a murder that may have a personal connection.

We’ll See

Supergirl #1 –  This issue is very much an origin issue as Supergirl crashes to Earth.  The story is pretty much a battle issue as she faces against what appears to be a recovery team while rapidly learning about the powers she has on Earth.

Birds of Prey #1 – It’s a change of the status quo for the Birds of Prey.  Barbara (Batgirl) Gordon is keeping her distance from Black Canary and the team she’s assembling, especially since Canary is wanted for murder.

Blue Beetle #1 – More of the origins of the scarab that attaches itself to Jaime Reyes is explored.  Reyes stumbles into possessing the scarab as he finds himself in the middle of a war between two groups of super villains each trying to secure the scarab.

Captain Atom #1 – The issue throws us into a fight between Atom and a giant robot.  The issue is okay, and the supporting cast is interesting, but Captain Atom seems to manifest similar powers to Firestorm, which leads me to wonder if the two characters may seem a little redundant.

Catwoman #1 – This issue is a little mix of humor and a little mix of caper.  The biggest drawback to this issue is the fact that Catwoman cannot seem to keep her clothes on.

Soon To Be Dropped

Legion of Super-Heroes #1 – There is nothing inherently bad about this issue.  The problem is that there is a lot to take in with this issue.  A lot of the pre-Flashpoint back story remains intact, which means that  A LOT of the pre-Flashpoint back story is present, almost too much for new readers to pull in.  I am not sure if they wanted to avoid yet another restart with Legion or not, but the story as a whole does not click.

Other Releases

Ultimate Comics X-Men #1 (Marvel Comics) –  The state of mutant affairs are addressed in this issue following along the conclusion of Ultimate Fallout.  Mutants are being hunted and rounded up like in the classic X-Men story, Days of Future Past.  The first six pages show exactly how bad the mutant situation has become.

Star Trek #1 (IDW) – The J.J. Abrams rebooted crew of the Enterprise returns to comics in this first issue by IDW.  The story itself is a set up of the original series second pilot Where No Man Has Gone Before, though with through the reimagined Star Trek Universe.  Gary Mitchell is still on the Enterprise, but Dr. Elizabeth Dehner is not.  Stephen Molnar’s artwork works well for the series, but it will remain to be seen if the series will be able to expand beyond retelling tweaked versions of old Star Trek episodes.

Near Death #1 (Image Comics) – What happens when a contract killer has a near death experience revealing what waits for him when he dies?  Near Death is the story of Markham, a killer who briefly dies after a job gone bad.  In his brief death, he sees a vision of his afterlife that actually scares him into reconsidering his life.  This series will undoubtedly grow into Markham’s path to redemption while staying in the gritty world of contract hits and murder for hire.

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  1. You make some interesting points, the more things I read about Blue Beetle #1 the more I am intrigued, so i’m glad you didn’t hate it.

    • The series does have me curious, though I do have to admit that I am a big Ted Kord/lue Beetle fan. So far, I have only come across two books which I don’t think I’m going to keep with, and many more that I am definitely going to keep reading.

  2. I hope DC is paying attention to these reviews, because certain books are getting a LOT of negative publicity now. I quoted a couple of your reviews (with a link) in my writeup about this here: http://wp.me/p1Hi9G-7U

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