Socially Left Out

It’s that time again, the time when I start to wonder if it is really worth it for me to stay on all the various social networks that I am a member of.  At the moment, I am currently active on four.  That is, of course, assuming that both WordPress and Tumblr really are blogging sites and not social networks.  The four are: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and MyYearbook.  Honestly, I check in with MyYearbook every once in a while mostly because I keep getting messages that I have admirers there.  Most of these turn out to be porn bots.  So, MyYearbook is becoming a lot like MySpace, which I left years ago.

I admit that I did restart my Twitter account after the first one was hacked.  It just seemed easier for me to restart rather than try to rebuild whatever Twitter reputation I may have had.  That and I did not really post all that much there.  I did have a flurry during the heyday of #Wookieeleaks, but beyond that I did not post all that much.  Even now, my Twitter posts number around 285, most of which are just promotional tweets for this blog.  I am not even sure if I even get any hits on this blog from Twitter.

The one thing that always really bugged me about Twitter was the character limit.  It has led to some creative posts on my behalf.  However, there are a few people on Twitter who will post numerous Tweets to convey their whole idea.  This is all well and good if you were following one person.  If you end up following, say, 200 people, you can end up with a real mess in trying to find a coherent train of thought.

I have mentioned Facebook here before.  The biggest problem I have with Facebook is that I don’t have a lot of friends on it.  In fact, my friends count is in the double digits.  Most of my activity on Facebook is either playing games that none of my other friends play, or using it to either repost stuff I find on-line or promote this blog again.  Once in a while is okay for that, but I repost things almost daily.  Too much can get really annoying.  And, yes, for the record, I will most likely plug this blog entry on Facebook.

Then there is the newcomer, Google+.  After managing to find someone I knew who was on Google+ to give me an invitation, I realize that the only people on Google+ that I knew are celebrities and that one person from work that I knew.  I thought my friends list on Facebook was anemic until I saw my Google+ “circles.”  The number of people in my circles there is thirteen, and the number who have added me is four.  That’s it.  And, from what I’ve seen, that will be about it for quite some time.

So, this leaves me in a bit of a quandary.  Do I keep some or all of these “social networks?”  Or, do I start to ditching sites like I ditched MySpace?  Would this blog get the same number of readers if I did not cross promote it on these sites?  And, how much cross promotion is really happening if I have only about 150 friends/followers on each (Google+ and MyYearbook do not carry any promotions for this blog)?  A lot needs to be considered.  Well, not so much with MyYearbook, since the porn bots are growing more and more frequent.  But, the other sites are up for debate.  If I was not on Facebook or Twitter, would I really be missed?  Would the world be able to survive without my reposts and blog entries posted there?  Most importantly, would I really care if I don’t play Battle Pirates ever again?

Anyone out there care to voice their opinion on the matter?


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