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The New 52 – One Reader’s Assessment

DC Comics

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With this past Wednesday’s release, the last of DC Comics’ New 52 books have been released.  For the most part, this incredibly daring plan has paid off, revitalizing a number of titles.  With all the number 1s out, it seems like the right time to sum up the New 52.


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Picks of the Week – September 28th, 2011

It’s the last week of September and the last of DC’s new 52 roll out this week.

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Thoughts on Terra Nova

Now that I have watched the first episode of Terra Nova (thanks to iTunes), I have a few thoughts about what I saw.


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The New 52 – A Closer Look

DC Comics

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Since last Wednesday, the internet has been lit up with a lot of talk about DC Comics’ New 52 books.  Well, more specifically, they have been lit up with discussion of two that week’s releases: Catwoman and Red Hood and The Outlaws and how female characters are portrayed in both books.  In my own reviews of each book, the did not rate them highly, with Catwoman almost falling into the dropped pile.

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Movie Quotes Game – Round 2

I think it’s time for another round of the Movie Quotes Game.  See if you can guess what movies these are from

  1. You want society to accept you, but you can’t even accept yourself.
  2. You’re crazy. You oughta be locked up. You, too. Two hundred and fifty guys just walkin’ down the road, just like that?
  3. If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.
  4. I seldom use it myself, sir. It promotes rust.
  5. I’m never gonna get paid.
  6. It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna *die*!
  8. I swear I’m not doing this on purpose.
  9. I’m not gonna kiss you.
  10. Oh God, oh God, we’re all going to die?

Quote of the Day – September 27, 2011


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No time for love, Doctor Jones!

Randal Graves


(quoting Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

Blog Update – September 26, 2011

Unofficially, I have ended the zombie blog Coverage of the Dead, but I don’t think it will be shut down permanently.  I may use what I have written as a first draft and rework it.

I have created a new blog called (for the moment) My Writer’s Block.  For the moment, I’ll start posting some of the writing projects I have started and not finished, along with some of the short stories I have written over the years (when I can find them all).  At the moment, I have one short story and one chapter of a longer piece posted.  Once I begin to rewrite the zombie blog, I will most likely post it on this blog and shut down the other blog permanently.

I will still maintain this blog for my usual rants, observations, and updates.

Blog Update – September 25, 2011

This really isn’t about this blog, but my alternate blog, the fiction piece.  Reading it over, I’m just not feeling it.  I’m not sure if it’s because I think it’s falling into the same pitfalls that have plagued other bad zombie lit (all zombies, to characters), or I’m just getting burned out on the whole zombie concept, at least, the whole flesh-eating reanimated dead zombie concepts.  I still don’t count by upcoming piece as zombie lit because the “zombies” in it are neither traditional zombies or the Romero style ghoulish zombies, but just mind controlled people.

Anyway, I’m thinking I may scrap the zombie blog (I backed it up… just in case) for something else.  I attempted a superhero fiction blog a couple of times before, but I was not really thrilled with how it was turning out, either.  The idea of a superhero oriented blog is still a possibility, though I may want to try out a different take on it.  Maybe entry style again, or something a bit more conventional.  As for characters, I have a gigantic supply of them (I tend to create characters… a lot).  I could also attempt something different with the blog, possibly just using it as an exercise piece for various writing prompts I pick up here and there (I have a few books of writing prompts that I can draw on).

If I decide to make it more just about writing than about anything else, I will probably post less in an effort to make what I do post more worth while (except in November, which I would probably not post as well).  I would probably also vary the genres as well, just to keep things interesting.  I may even find some of my older works, and fragments of works and post them on it as well.  I have managed to keep most of them around… somewhere.  I’m just not sure about the scripts.

Of course, I am always open to suggestions.

Quote of the Day – September 25, 2011

Monster (Skillet song)

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I feel it deep within, it’s just beneath the skin
I must confess that I feel like a monster
I hate what I’ve become, the nightmare’s just begun
I must confess that I feel like a monster




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