Hurricane Irene and the Aftermath

Hurricane Irene has now come and gone, or was it a tropical storm when it hit our state.  I don’t really remember.  All I know is that our state got hit.  Connecticut is still dealing with the aftermath of Irene.  The storm dumped a huge amount of rain on us, enough to bring a number of rivers well above flood state.  I even remember hearing on the radio that one river is at its fifth highest level in recorded history, and it was still climbing.  Along with the rain came the winds, which knocked down trees limbs and whole trees.  A lot of this resulted in loss of power.  In spite of the fact that Irene was less powerful than Hurricane Gloria, which hit the state in 1985, our state experienced more power outages than it did back then.  Roughly 52 percent of the state was without power.  There are still some towns in Connecticut that have 90 percent or more customers without power.

We got off a bit lucky.  We lost our power at about 8:30 am Sunday after two momentary outages, and did not have power back until about 1:30 Monday.  There were a few tree limbs down in our yard, but nothing really major.  I guess you could really say we got off very lucky considering the damage the coast felt from Irene.

We managed the storm and dealt with not having power, having assumed that we were not going to get power back any time soon.  We had stocked up on food and batteries, and had enough flashlights to allow us to see where we were going in the night.  We had battery operated radios, which we had tuned to one of the local radio stations, WTIC 1080.  They had extended storm coverage throughout Sunday and Monday, so we were able to keep up with what was going on.  We spent the day listening to the radio and reading (I finished two books over the course of the hurricane weekend).  When storm cleared out enough, I took the dog out, then went for a walk on my own.  The only downside to not having power was that I did need to charge my cell phone again and had to use my car to do it.  That and I drained the battery on my iPod playing solitaire and Bejeweled 2.

Probably the best thing about the whole weekend was going outside at about 12:30 or 1 am and looking up at the night sky.  The clouds had moved away, so all there was to see was the stars.  No street lights from out road to drown out the night sky.  No lights from the streets near us.  I don’t even think there were any lights from the main street or the highway, only a couple of miles from our house.  Just the pure beautiful night sky without the visual noise of artificial light.  It was probably the most stars I had seen without going all the way out to the middle of nowhere with no lights around.

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