Bracing For Hurricane Irene

Normally, I would be posting a Friday Finds.  But, the reality of the matter is that the east coast is bracing itself for the coming of Hurricane Irene, my state included.  At the moment, it looks like Connecticut is going to get a direct hit from the storm.  The only positive side of it is that Irene could possibly weaken to a tropical storm by the time it reaches our state.  We won’t really have a good idea about that for a while.  There are just too many variables at this point to be sure what will happen.

One thing is for sure, Connecticut does not know how to deal with the weather.  I don’t mean on an official level.  The state is taking every precaution with this storm that can be made.  I mean on a personal level.  The people of this state just can’t deal with severe weather.  Panic has already set in for a lot of people as they ravage the stores looking for batteries, flashlights, bread, non-perishable foods, and bottled water.  That one really surprises me, since it seems that no one has ever thought about filling pitchers and bottles from the tap.

You could argue that it is because the state is facing a hurricane, something that it does not often see.  And this is true.  In my lifetime, I only remember one hurricane actually hitting the state.  I know others have hit Connecticut (the Hurricane of 1938 was particularly devastating).  But none of that really seems to apply because barring the hurricane, this state just does not know what to do when faced with weather.  It seems that the state begins to freak out at any sort of sign of bad weather.  This even includes snow.  Granted, this past winter was particularly nasty, but I remember times when the state went into full panic mode for a half an inch of snow.  A HALF AN INCH OF SNOW!  There is no need for the state to devolve into something that looks like the director’s cut of The Road Warrior because of a half an inch of snow.  The real trick to dealing with snow is to not speed like a maniac just in case that it is slippery.  And stocking up for inclement weather should not be two shoppers enter, one shopper leaves.

The best thing I believe to do is to remain calm.  You should prepare for the worst, but there is no need to act the worst in the process.  Stocking up should not be an us vs. them battle royale with the winner getting that one last loaf of bread.  Acting like a lunatic will only make the situation that much worse.

Anyhow, for anyone who’s in the crosshairs of this hurricane, please stay safe, heed any warnings and evacuation notices that may come down, and remember that we are all in this together.

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