10 DC Heroes Who Should Get Their Own Animated Release

1) Swamp Thing – Specificly The Anatomy Lesson story written by Alan Moore.

2) Metamorpho – He’s been seen in guest shots, but nothing that is completely his own.

3) Starman – Jack Knight returns in a retelling of his origin as Starman.

4) Blackhawks – Set in either the WW2 or post WW2 era.

5) Dial H For Hero – Would like to see the concept of a variable hero animated.

6) The Creeper – Jack Ryder’s crazed alter ego would make an excellent dark piece like the Spectre short.

7) Camelot 3000 – Not a DC Universe title per se, but a series that would make an excelent animated feature

8) Blue Devil – Would be interesting to see the origin story of Blue Devil (before the mystical stuff really took over).

9) DC Detectives – Bringing together a trio of DC’s classic detectives, Roy Raymond, Jason Bard and Mysto, combining their investigative skills to solve “the crime of the century.”

10) G.I. Robot – Set in WW2 Pacific, This gritty version would bring the Weird War Tales character to life.

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