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Jack Tripper Syndrome

Quote of the Day

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

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I’m over it. What about you two?

Batman – from “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

If I Were in Charge of Marvel

English: Logo of Marvel Comics

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I did something like this with DC on another blog, and thought that it was about time I were to play out what I would do if I were put in charge of Marvel Comics.

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If I Were Orchestrating “The DC Reboot”

DC Comics Booth

DC Comics Booth (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

As many comic fans know, DC  is planning on a major change in September, relaunching 52 titles with issue number 1.  In addition to this “reboot” DC plans on implementing a same day digital distribution, meaning that when the comic titles are released in comic shops, so are the digital versions online.  Needless to say, a lot has been said about this daring idea, both good and bad.  As much as has been said, not many have even approached the idea of what they would do.

If I were in charge of the DC Reboot…

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My Favorite Green Lanterns – The List

Kyle Rayner as Ion, from Green Lantern (vol. 3...

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1) Hal Jordan

2) Guy Gardner

3) Mogo

4) Kyle Rayner

5) Kilowog

My Favorite Green Lanterns

Kilowog as he appeared in Green Lantern.

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Know Your DCU: Kilowog

With Green Lantern opening in the US today, I thought it’d be appropriate to highlight one of the film’s main characters in this week’s Know Your DCU. So why not discuss one of my favorite Lanterns: Kilowog. A Green Lantern from the planet Bolovax Vik, which is located in the space sector 674, Kilowog is the Lantern in charge of training all new recruits. Kilowog refers to the young recruits he trains as “Poozers”, a phrase he learned from the Lantern drill sergeant who trained him. Kilowog is very close with all of the Earth born Lanterns, butting heads with Hal Jordan and (not surprisingly) Guy Gardner from time to time. He is also one of the most respected by the guardians, and by far the most trusted.

I’m very excited to see Kilowog come to life in the Gren Lantern film, and I hope he is a huge hit with kids. It would be great to have a whole generation of Kilowog fans on our hands…

10 DC Heroes Who Should Get Their Own Animated Release

1) Swamp Thing – Specificly The Anatomy Lesson story written by Alan Moore.

2) Metamorpho – He’s been seen in guest shots, but nothing that is completely his own.

3) Starman – Jack Knight returns in a retelling of his origin as Starman.

4) Blackhawks – Set in either the WW2 or post WW2 era.

5) Dial H For Hero – Would like to see the concept of a variable hero animated.

6) The Creeper – Jack Ryder’s crazed alter ego would make an excellent dark piece like the Spectre short.

7) Camelot 3000 – Not a DC Universe title per se, but a series that would make an excelent animated feature

8) Blue Devil – Would be interesting to see the origin story of Blue Devil (before the mystical stuff really took over).

9) DC Detectives – Bringing together a trio of DC’s classic detectives, Roy Raymond, Jason Bard and Mysto, combining their investigative skills to solve “the crime of the century.”

10) G.I. Robot – Set in WW2 Pacific, This gritty version would bring the Weird War Tales character to life.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Original Television Soundtrack – A...

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Just finished watching the Series Six Part 1 finale (Thank you itunes for filling in the void left by my cable company’s lack of BBC America).  All I can say is wow, I did not see that one coming at all.

Quote of the Day

They’re the same picture.

The Office cast in the third season

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Pam – The Office

The “Unfilmable”

These are the books, comics, and whatnot that I believe are unfilmable as a standard cinematic project.  That is not to say that people have not tried to film them, it’s just that these stories just do not work in the standard 2 to 4 hour theatrical release.

Watchmen – While the 2009 movie did manage to get some things right (Jackie Earl Haley as Rorschach was dead on), a lot of the original graphic novel was lost in the streamlining.  Missing is the extended backstory of the Minutemen, summed up in a opening credit montage.  Also lost is the ful scope of what the appearance of Doctor Manhattan did to the world.  I would like to see someone try to do the Watchmen right somday, but I think that the only way it can be done right is as a miniseries on one of the pay cable channels.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams wrote a true sci-fi comedy classic, which has been adapted to radio and television (look for it on Hulu).  However, the 2005 movie failed to capture the essence of the book.  I’m not sure if it was because Hollywood thought it was too British (which has not hampred book sales in the U.S.), or thought it needed to be “updated” (which it did not), but the mucking around with the story and the elements failed as a movie (Marvin sounds more pissed off than depressed).  As long as Hollywood insists on twisting around the story, then Hitchhiker’s will remain unfilmable.

Batman: No Man’s Land – An epic storyline in which after disasters, Gotham City is walled off from the United States.  A new paradigm within the isolated city begins to form, with former Bat-villains and the remaining Gotham P.D. carving up parts of the city for their control.  The shear scope of this storyline makes this story impossible to be contained in a four hour theatrical release.  I’m not even sure even DC would attempt to make it into one of their animated films.

Most works by H.P. Lovecraft – There have been attempts in the past (Re-Animator one of the most famous, if not the most famous), but most fail to capture the weirdness of Lovecraft’s original works.  A lot of it is just far too out there to be captured properly.

Cineverse Cycle – This trilogy of books written by Craig Shaw Gardner (Slaves of the Volcano God, Bride of the Slime Monster, and Revenge of the Cute and Fluffy Bunnies) actually seems like it would be perfect for movies, especially since it takes place in an alternate dimension that is a parody of movie genres.  In my opinion, I’m not sure that Hollywood is ready to parody the B-movies like this series does.

G.I. Joe – By G.I. Joe, I am referring to the classic Adventure Team line and not the Real American Hero line, or whatever the most recent movie was based on.  The Adventure Team is what I grew up with.  And while the whole adventure theme would be perfect for the big screen, I feel that it is unfilmable simply because no one in Hollywood really sees the potential of the toy line as the new standard for action.

Wild Cards – A shared universe book series edited by George R. R. Martin.  The series speculates what would happen if part of the population of the world were to become infected with a virus that either creates super powers, or super freaks.  The large scale nature of the series, along with a lot of mature themes (one of the characters is a pimp who gains power from sex) will keep this series from hitting the silver screen.

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