The Best 10 of the Last 10

Standard “10 in the 10” rules apply.  I had to have seen the movie, and it had to have had a theatrical release, and it had to have been released in the last 10 years.

Remember, the Best 10 is subject to personal tastes, and thus, it may not match any list that you may compile yourself.

The Best 10 in the Last 10 (as always, in no particular order)

1)  Sin City 2005 – A throwback to the film noir of old Hollywood with a modern slant.  What makes this film one of the best is not only it’s highly stylized look (black and white with highlighting color), but it’s adherence to the original source material (Frank Miller’s Sin City graphic novels).

2)  Batman Begins 2005 – Who would have thought that a reboot of a series would be so… wow.  Batman Begins goes past the action and adventure of the caped crusader and analyzes the psyche that makes of the Dark Knight.  Use of “second tier” villains (Scarecrow and Ra’s Al Ghul) help make the film a spectacle while still leaving ground to explore.

3)  The Dark Knight 2008 – A lot of initial buz for this movie was generated by the sudden and tragic death of Heath Ledger.  Still, even if Ledger had not died, his performance as the Joker would have been phenomenal, throwing back to the origins of the Joker while still putting a severely twisted spin on the character.

4) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003 – I have to admit I did not expect much of this movie going in.  In fact, I was seeing it because I had gotten a movie pass in a pirate themes video game.  Now having seeing this film, I would have paid full price.  A true swashbuckling adventure.

5) The 40 Year Old Virgin 2005 – It’s been a long time since a movie made me laugh, really laugh, and even longer when I still laugh at movie even after repeated viewings.  Airplane does this, and so does The 40 Year Old Virgin.  Steve Carell is hilarious.

6)  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 2003 – The final chapter in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, and truly worthy of the Oscar that it won for best picture.

7)  Iron Man 2008 – I’ve never really been an Iron Man fan, except for a brief period of time when James Rhodes was Iron Man after Tony Stark “died” (lasted all of two months, but spun off War Machine).  So, a movie has to be good for me to change my opinion of a character than I never really cared all that much about.

8)  The Incredibles 2004 – Probably the best Pixar movie I’ve seen, mostly because I am a comic book fan.  It is a fun trip watching the fall and rise of a superhero.

9)  300 2006 – An adventure following the same adherence to the original source material as Sin City (also based on a Frank Miller graphic novel), even if the story if told through an unreliable narrator.

10)  Phantom of the Opera 2004– I’ll admit it, I’m a Phantom mark.  I’ve read the book… repeatedly, seen the musical traveling show, and seen a number of the movies (the original 1925 Lon Chaney version is still the best).  This version captures the majesty and wonder of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway smash.

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