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Movie Quotes Game

Pretty simple, just guess what films these quotes come from

1) “Groovy”

2) “Operation Grand Slam, for instance.”

3) “I was not angry since I came to France, until this instant!”

4) ” This is what I call a timely interruption! Though what’ll come of it – the devil himself only knows!”

5) “Watch him Devil. If he moves, eat him!”

6) “Oh, it’s a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it looks like a big Tylenol.”

7) “Well, well. You took my advice about theatricality a bit… literally.”

8) “This is blood for blood and by the gallon. These are the old days, the bad days, the all-or-nothing days. They’re back! There’s no choice left. And I’m ready for war.”

9) “Jack, please, I’m only an elected official here, I can’t make decisions by myself!”

10) “But I love gatherings. Isn’t it ironic?”

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