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Random Thoughts Again

5 Pictorials The Show Playboy’s Running Out of Ideas
1) Women of Warcraft
2) Delaware Delights: Women of Dover
3) Pam Anderson: We think this is the last of the old pics
4) Women of the Downtown Busline
5) Women of… Listen, does anyone actually care if there’s a theme?

5 Movies That Should Never Have Video Game Adaptations
1) My Dinner With Andre
2) Brokeback Mountain
3) Airplane!
4) Being John Malkovich
5) Swimming in Cambodia

5 Movies That Would Make Cool Video Games
1) Captain Blood (would feature pirate ship fights, sword fighting, daring escape missions)
2) Laura (Classic film noir that would be a cool game in the Myst vein)
3) Transporter (bad movie, but game would feature driving and hand to hand combat)
4) Creature from the Black Lagoon (puzzle solving and monster fighting)
5) 39 Steps(Classic Hitchcock movie would work well as a puzzle solver)

Confusion Abounds

The other day, I received a tweet from someone asking about my new girlfriend [name withheld, though it’s on my tweet posts, so I don’t really know why I’m withholding it]. For those who don’t know me:

1) I don’t have a new girlfriend
2) I don’t have the free time to get a new girlfriend
C) Even if I did have the time, I would not have the self-confidence to actually try to get one

Subsequent posts would later reveal that this person messaging me was, according to him, said new girlfriend’s husband.

Disregarding the above mentioned don’t have a girlfriend, don’t have time for a girlfriend, and not a person someone would not want to date anyway points, I have the highest regard for the sanctity of marriage, even if I’m not sure how to spell “sanctity.”

The worst part about all of this is that now I have to spend my time on Twitter trying to convince some irate guy that I’m not dating his wife behind his back instead of what Twitter was really meant to do: sending quick parody blurbs under #wookieeleaks¬†(or #wookieleaks, depending on how you spell “wookiee”).

MST 3K Space Mutiny Name of the Week

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