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Board Membership… Withdrawn

I came to a decision. I’ve decided that I really need to pull back from all the various message boards, groups, forums, and whatnot that I belong to. In some cases, it’s because of conflicting personalities. In other, it’s just a feeling of not really fitting in. So, I’ve begun to shut down all the various accounts that I have all over the internet. In the process, I’ve seen a few interesting things.

When I deleted my Sci-Fi forum membership, I found out that my profile was still showing up. I’m not sure if it’s a maintainance¬†thing or not, but it’s still there. Worse still, people can still use it to send me PMs. I still get emails notifying me of these PMs, but I can’t view them since my account doesn’t exist, though it’s still there… sort of.

There are two message boards I can’t shut down. One is the Wizard boards, which I’m closing because I don’t like Marvel Comics enough to exist on those boards. The other is a spinoff board from Sci-Fi’s boards, made by people who kept having problems with their log ins on the Sci-Fi board. It just seems weird to me not to let anyone shut down their accounts, or at least, make it so difficult to find that most people just say forget it and just delete the site.

Cleaning out the MySpace¬†groups ran into some fun when I tried to clear out the Coast to Coast AM group. Apparently, it doesn’t exist anymore, yet it still shows up on my groups list. I can’t resign from it since the group site doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just… there.

Regardless, I’m pretty much down to five groups now, two on MySpace (one of them is by college group, the other a comic book creator group… I’ll probably drop that soon, too), and three through Yahoo. The Yahoo ones are all email based, and one is work related. Regardless, all of those are pretty easy to ignore (check all, delete, done).

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