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The Music Top 10 (Week Ending August 11th)

  1. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
  2. In Time – Mark Collie
  3. Everything Burns – Ben Moody Featuring Anastacia
  4. Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) – Cobra Starship
  5. Learn To Crawl – Black Lab
  6. Doctor Who Theme – Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales
  7. Batman Beyond Main Title – Kristopher Carter
  8. You Know My Name – Chris Cornell
  9. Let Go (LP Version) – BarlowGirl
  10. Toccata and Fuge D-Moll BWV 565 – Johann Sebastian Bach • Vanessa Mae (Violin) • Produced By Mike Batt

One Less on the Newsstand

At the end of August, the newsstand will see one less tabloid. The Weekly World News has announced that it end publication, remaining on the internet (read the story here). In spite of its net presence, it will be missed at the checkout counter. So, in honor of the Weekly World News, a few headlines that we won;t be seeing on the newsstand.

Zany Town Elects Park Bench Mayor… For The Third Time!

Aliens Ruin Property Values By Parking Flying Saucer In Front Yard

Three Signs That Your Child Is A Serial Killer

Roswell Aliens Back Barack… Feel Hillary Showed Too Much Cleavage

Election Reform Requires Talent Show For Candidates

It’s True! Ross Perot Really Won The 1996 Election!

Anti-Christ Returns To Earth… As Llama

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