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More Random Thoughts and Lists

Action Figure Lines that Should Be Considered

1) Classic Television – Would include Firemen Roy and Johnny from Emergency, Sgt. Joe Friday from Dragnet, and MacGuyer.

2) Pulp Heroes – This line would have to include The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider, and Tarzan (either in 6 inch or 12 inch format).

3) Primeval – A British series about scientists investigating creatures that are slipping through holes in time. This would be a small-scale figure series to allow for the creatures to be produced.

4) Firefly/Serenity – A 12 inch line that would include Malcolm Reynolds, Jayne Cobb and Zoe to start off with. A second series, if it did well, would include Simon and River Tam, mechanic Kaylee, as well as a Reaver.

5) Dresden Files – Choose either the TV series, or the novels, both would make some really cool looking toys.

Random Thoughts and Lists

Top 5 Missions that Show G.I. Joe is running out of Adventures
1) Peril of the Tax Audit
2) Mystery of the Lunch Meat
3) Search for the Honest Politician
4) Secret Mission to the ATM
5) Search for the Parking Space

Top 5 Names Action Man’s Dr. X has been Called
1) Mr. X
2) Professor X
3) Dr. Evil
4) That X guy, what’s his name?
5) Murray

Top 5 Vehicles That Would Be Cool for G.I. Joe
1) Carthaginian Elephant
Imagine a 1/6th Hannibal riding a 1/6th war elephant. That would be very cool.
2) Striker
See old episodes of Mail Call for this one.
3) PT Boat
4) 2 man exploration sub
We’ve had the Sea Wolf for the Adventure Team. We need to see something like this again.
5) Police Cruiser

Top 5 Animals that Need to be Made in 1/6th Scale
We’ve had some dogs, and lots of miniature apes, along with the cheap plastic animals that dominate many an Adventure Team photostory, but I’m talking about articulated animals done to scale.
1) Elephant
I’d buy a couple if this was released.
2) Gorilla
The pygmy gorilla, either version, just doesn’t cut it for me.
3) Lion
This one would be cool if it came articulated and with a “real” mane.
4) Rhinoceros
5) Okapi
If Joe can pursue yetis, he can go after a discovered “cryptid”

Top 5 Rejected G.I. Joe Ideas
1) K.P. G.I. Joe
2) Senator G.I. Joe
3) War Profiteer G.I. Joe
4) Tear Gas Training G.I. Joe
With no gas mask, and special tearing and getting sick action
5) Bucking for Section 8 G.I. Joe
Think Klinger from M.A.S.H.

Top 5 Figures that Should Be Made
1) Villain Poacher
Comes with rifle, ivory-handled pistol, safari hat with eagle feathers in the hatband, alligator boots, snake-skin belt, and tiger tooth necklace.
2) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
A good one this time, with articulation… lots of articulation!
3) Frontier Scout
Something that won’t set us back a couple of hundred because the only one out there was made in England in 1973.
4) Die Hard’s John McClane
If they can make tons of James Bonds, how about a John McClane. It could come with stolen machine gun, service pistol, lighter, Twinkies, and, of course, no shoes.
5) Medieval Highland Warrior
Like from Braveheart, but more historically accurate.

5 Shows for Summer Viewing

It’s summer, and it’s too hot and too buggy to go out. So that leaves you flipping through the tv channels trying to find something to watch. Here are a few suggestions

Burn Notice – Jeffrey Donovan plays Michael Westen, a spy who’s been “burned.” Basicly cut off from his former life, Westen is stuck in Miami, trying to find out why he’s been burned. Naturally, he’s forced to take on various odd jobs in his pursuit to find out what happened.

Monk – Tony Shalhoub returns as Adrian Monk, San Francisco’s obsessive compulsive detective.

Eureka – Sci-Fi brings back Jack Carter’s adventures in “America’s smartest little town.” Look for Season 1 currently on DVD.

Doctor Who – David Tennant returns at the last of the Time Lords. Joining the Doctor on his journeys through space and time is Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman).

Ghost Hunters– Undoubtedly the most successful of Sci-Fi Channel’s reality television series. Whether you are a believer or skeptic, it is fascinating to watch each investigation.

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