Monthly Archives: November 2006

The Perils of Being James Bond

001) The picture on your license to kill looks only slightly better than your driver’s license.

002) Angry at all the destroyed cars, Q gets your driver’s license revoked. You’re forced to chase Largo on a bicycle.

003) The other Double O’s laugh at you because you manage to evade several armed guards in your Aston Martin, but crash trying to evade your reflection in a mirror.

004) You get confused when facing down Blofeld, you accidentally call him Dr. Loomis, Kojak, and that guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

005) Constant arguments between yourself (“Nobody does it better”) and Wolverine (“I’m the best at what I do”) over who is actually the best.

006) You keep having trouble telling who is CIA agent (and seemingly master of disguise) Felix Leiter.

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