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Roller Coaster

I wanted to try something a little different. Actually, I just wanted to try adding pics to my blog. Since I wanted to get this list out anyway, it seemed like a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

Anyway, stating for the record, I don’t like roller coasters, never have. It’s not like I’m afraid to go on one, it’s that I’m deathly afraid to go on one. Yet, in my mind, there are those special people who I believe would be able to get me to go on a roller coaster.

They’re called women.

Granted, it’s not every woman who could make this happen. Barbara Walters couldn’t get me on a roller coaster if my life depended on it.

Naturally, a list like this is constantly changing, especially the top five. And I’ve limited it to celebrities (though I know of one or two women that I know who aren’t celebrities who could get me to ride a roller coaster). At this particular moment, the list tends to lean towards the shallow (“she’s so hot, I’d go on a roller coaster with her”), but, as I said, it’s constantly changing.

The Shallow List (in order, yet in no particular order).

1) Elisha Cuthbert

Kim Bauer from 24. While it did get a bit tiresome watching Kim constantly get into trouble every season, Elisha has that girl next door look (unintentional pun). If she asked nicely, I think I would ride a roller coaster, just not one that loops.

2) Willa Ford

Singer, Ultimate Fighting host, Lingerie bowler, Willa Ford makes the list not only because she’s quite attractive, but she appeared in a Six Flags ad campaign riding a roller coaster. Seeing that ad made me want to ride one.

3) Paris Hilton

While she is attractive, her naivety as to how real people live is a real turn off (it’s a nice way of saying she seems a bit elitist to me). She does, however, have a big bank account. She could pay me enough to ride a roller coaster.

4) Pauley Perrette

Abby from the CBS show NCIS (Think CSI in the Navy). This is the one person on the list where it’s the character (perky Goth lab tech Abby) and not the actor behind the character that would make be say “okay, the Wildcat it is.”
5) Amy Lee
Lead singer of Evanescence. She is quite talented, so I wouldn’t mind being seen on a roller coaster with her for that. And she is quite attractive, so, again, being seen on a roller coaster with her isn’t a bad thing.

Playstation and Playboy

At Christmas, I made a decision. With the growing complexity of computer games coming out, my graphics card was becoming obsolete. Correction, it was functionally obsolete. So, I decided to look into getting a new graphics card. After checking out the prices, looking at the requirements of the games out now, and considering that I would have to install it, I came to the conclusion that it would be cheaper just to buy a Playstation rather than upgrade.

So, my Christmas present became a PS2. Damn that thing is addicting!

I’ve been hooked. And given that the PS2 is going to be obsolete probably by the end of this year with the release of the PS3 – okay, maybe next year if the price quotes I keep hearing are accurate – that’s really something. It’s pulled me back into the EA NHL world (which I left after I think 2003… I lacked the skills to direct my shots, even at beginner). And allowed me to play a lot of the games that I wanted to play but couldn’t because I didn’t have a PS2, or a graphics card capable of running the games (those would be the Silent Hill Games).

It’s just a shame that since Christmas, the only blog thought that’s gone through my head was “Blog later, play now.” (Just imagine 2 months worth of entries like that).


Undoubtedly, many of you have heard the story already (link). The gist of it that Jessica Alba wants Playboy to pull their March issue off the newsstands because she appears on the cover. Her argument is that the cover shot gives the false implication that she is naked within the issue. Needless to say, I felt it was necessary for me to throw in my 2 cents.

The issue in question has been on the newsstands for two weeks prior to when the story of Alba’s displeasure at being a cover girl came out. So, for two weeks, we’ve heard nothing about this. Granted, it is possible that maybe some Jessica Alba fan site’s been flooded with letters condemning her for posing nude in Playboy (after all, she’s on the cover, she must be naked within, right?). Somehow, though, I severely doubt it.

Take into account a few other facts. As Playboy has stated, a number of women have appeared on the cover, but remained clothed within. Also, she was voted in a reader’s poll as 2005’s sexiest star. It doesn’t hurt that two of the three Alba movies released this year (Sin City – great flick – and Into The Blue) featured her as a stripper and a bikini clad vacationer (I have to admit, I haven’t seen Into the Blue, it looked too much like The Deep, which I thought was dumb). Given the number of stories that came out when Sin City was released about her lack of a desire to appear nude on film, I don’t think that there are many Alba fans out there who would have made the mistake of thinking she was nude inside.

Let’s also look at the common sense issue of this. If Playboy actually had Alba nude, the headline wouldn’t have read 25 Sexiest Celebrities. It would have probably been more like Into The Blue: Skinnydipping with Jessica Alba or Jessica Alba: Sin City Sinsation.

She should be happy that readers thought enough of her to vote her into the list and take the free (good) publicity instead of trying to generate her own (bad) publicity.

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