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The Anti-Love Song List

Often times, music matches my mood. It’s the main reason why I listen to so much different stuff. And thanks to iTunes, I can actually assemble an entire playlist that matches the mood I’m in.

In this case, it’s an anti-love mood. Not that I’ve been wronged romantically, it’s just that’s it’s hard to assemble a “too much of a coward to ask her to dinner you idiot!” playlist. And there are tons of anti-love songs to play when you just want to forget.

Naturally, this is not in any particular order, and I’m always open to suggestions. It’s the best way to be introduced to new things. These are the first 25.

Shame, Stabbing Westward РA wonderfully hard rock song with overtones of hyperdependency and a fair share of stalking. Definitely the wrong side of love.
Love to Love You, The Corrs – From their first album, this song is about recognizing unrequited love.
Love Stinks, The J. Geils BandThe anti-love song.
Heartbreak Hotel, Elvis – Nuff said.
If This Is It, Huey Lewis and the News – A Break-up song… it’s just a shame that no one told him they broke up.
Since You’ve Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson – Shedding that American Idol stigma, Clarkson kicks it up a notch with a great song about realizing that you’ve been blinded by love.
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling, The Righteous Brothers – To be honest, I’m almost tempted not to include this on the list (Thank you very much, Tom Cruise). But it is still a good anti-love song, in spite of becoming a cheesy pick-up song.
I Don’t Believe In Love, Queensryche – Something that we’ve all told ourselves at one point or another.
Since You’ve Been Gone, Weird Al Yankovic – A short little ditty about how he feels now that she’s gone, with a great punchline.
Haunting Me, Stabbing Westward – That horrible feeling after a break-up when the one you loved and love seems to be everywhere… kicking you in the….
The Breakup Song, Greg Kihn – They don’t write them like this anymore.
Jeopardy, Greg Kihn – What happens when it’s all to obvious that the relationship is falling apart?
You Outta Know, Alanis Morissette РThis is one angry woman.
Suspicious Minds, Elvis – What happens when the trust is gone
(I’m not your) Steppin’ Stone, The Monkees – There you go, falling in love with someone who’s just going to walk all over you.
You Keep Me Hangin’ On, Kim Wilde – Or, the Supremes, if you want the original.
Sometimes It Hurts, Stabbing Westward – I’ve come to the conclusion that the lead singer of Stabbing Westward has never had a successful relationship.
Gone, Kelly Clarkson – A possible companion to Since You’ve Been Gone?
I Quit, Hepburn – From the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack
Hard To Say I’m Sorry, Chicago – This is definitely true if you’ve nothing to apologize for… or if you’re a big-headed guy.
I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me, Expose – Let me get this straight, you broke up with him, and now you’re all bummed out because he’s moved on?
Poison Arrow, ABC – “I thought you loved me but it seems you don’t care.” “I care enough to know, I can never love you.” Ouch
Who’s Crying Now?, Journey – Someone definitely got hurt here.
How You Remind Me, Nickelback – Only one way to describe this woman: bitch.
Why Can’t I, Liz Phair –Not necessarily an anti-love love (unless you consider the fact it’s deals with an affair bad), but I include it because I find myself often struck speechless and breathless by someone I’m attracted to, often to the point where I can’t get something as simple as “Hey, would you like to get a bite to eat?” out.

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