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Figure Lines I’d like to see

As I mentioned before, I’m a toy collector. Well, technically, I collect toys that are cool, at least in my opinion. So, I don’t really have complete sets of anything stored away in a vacu-sealed vault, just a bunch of toys on my desk that when I saw them I said, “Hey, that looks cool,” and bought. The only exception would probably be the G.I. Joes, and anyone who’s been to my other site ( could tell what usually happens with the Joes (though I’ve been in a bit of a doubt lately).

Anyway, thanks to places like Media Play, Suncoast and the like, there is a boom of figures that are directed towards older audiences, or (as many put it), those geeks who refuse to grow up and stop playing with toys. There are lines for Alias, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sin City, even Scarface. If it’s out there, some company has marketed a toy line for it.

Well, almost. There are a few shows that have, as yet, escaped the toy licensing. And, frankly, some of them would be real cool, if you ask me. So, here are those series that I think should have toy lines created for them.

1) CSI – Forget the followers, we want to see figures of the Vegas team. Starting with a 3 figure first series, each with a field kit and accessories especially for each character, we’d have Grissom (with jar of racing beetles), Catherine (with suitcase full of glow in the dark money from “The Finger) and Warrick (with improvised “artificial nose” and blackjack hand). There’s even the option of a variant with a beardless seasons 1-3 Grissom.

2) Battlestar Galactica – There have been numerous toys revolving around the old series, but it’s now time to see some spawn from Sci-Fi’s new version. The first series would definitely have to include Apollo, Commander Adama, Starbuck, and Six.

3) Stargate SG-1 – Why, why, why hasn’t anyone jumped on this yet? One of the longest running Sci-Fi series on television (and probably ever), and the closest we’ve gotten to a toy line is the weak line that came from the movie. The first run would definitely have to include O’Neill with P-90 submachine gun, Carter with Stargate Dialer, Jackson with ancient tome, and Teal’C with Staff weapon.

4) Doctor Who – There’s been little stateside from Doctor Who when it comes to toys. But, with the success of the new Who series in England, and Who-fans waiting eagerly for any stateside sign of it, a figure line would be the perfect complement to the stateside release of the first season, even if the only figures involved are the Doctor and Rose.

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