Monthly Archives: March 2005

About time, right?

Some Blog, right? Here I am, supposedly updating this thing on a daily (or at least bi-daily, if that’s even a word) basis, and I don’t post again for half a year. Either I had nothing to say, or I was lazy. Anyone who knows me in real life would probably say that it was laziness.

Anyhow, I could start this thing off in any number of ways. I could rant about the idiot who cut me off in traffic today on the way home, or about the latest political idiocy in Washington (oh boy, could I go off on that one), or talk about the virtues of an iPod in a car with no radio. I could even extol the virtues of my planned run for presidency, since I will be of age by the time the next election comes around.

Guess the first thing I should do it just introduce myself. I’m your typical 33-year-old who can’t get a date. I read comics, collect toys (but only the ones I think are cool, and G.I. Joes), which may or may not be used as a scape goat for my lack of social status. I want to be a writer, which is one of the reasons why I started the blog. I figured that if I work daily about anything and everything, I would get that next great idea that every unpublished writer dreams of. Kinda doesn’t work all that well when you don’t write in the blog, now, does it?

As the writing goes, I have written a number of things… written, but not published. Some of it I don’t think it ready for publication (actually, a lot of it). Some of it was written for the wrong reasons (seems I labored under the impression that writers get girls… maybe the published ones). And some of it just never seemed like the right time to try to sell it, or needs a little extra added something. In the case of the comic scripts I’ve written, it’s an artist, since I can’t draw for beans.

So, that’s me in a nutshell… a very small nutshell at the moment, but that will probably change as I get more comfortable with this.

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